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Creating Relevance in a Time of Uncertainty

ANDREA COVILLE with Paul B. Brown
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Growing Uncertainty

Brodeur Partners latest Relevance study details the serious toll that
COVID-19, racial strife and political divide is having on all Americans.
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Space is Big Business

Especially for small companies.
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Want to be Relevant?

It's a noisy world. Break through. Connect emotionally.
Change behavior.

What We Do

Andrea Coville

CEO, Brodeur
" Only relevance has the power to change minds and behavior and keep you ahead of  the competition. "
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Electric Vehicles: A Snapshot on Progress

As a car enthusiast, you know that the Electric Vehicle (EV) category is experiencing strong growth in 2022, but there are a lot of challenges to overcome, including driving range, infrastructure development, material sourcing and growing sustainability concerns. As part of a series of snapshots on topics and areas where our...


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has delivered the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe so far. Check out the Brodeur Space Group’s reflections on the moment: #JamesWebb #UnfoldTheUniverse

Happy #IndependenceDay from Brodeur Partners! What are you doing today to celebrate?

As June comes to an end we proudly celebrate the many contributions the #LGBTQIA+ community makes to American society. We fundamentally believe that our culture is stronger when all people are authentically embraced, acknowledged and respected as they are. #PrideMonth