• Brodeur Partners Announces Data-Driven Diagnostic – Active Purpose (AP) – to Help B2B Companies Meet the Increasing Demands on CSR-Sustainability in Supply Chains

    Brodeur Partners Announces Data-Driven Diagnostic – Active Purpose (AP) – to Help B2B Companies Meet the Increasing Demands on CSR-Sustainability in Supply Chains Brodeur Partners today announced Active Purpose (AP), a data-driven diagnostic aimed at helping B2B organizations step-change their CSR-Sustainability communications and reporting efforts.  The proprietary offering will also include a series of benchmarking research reports supported by a strategic academic partnership with Baruch College’s Weissman Center for International Business, and its annual CSR-Sustainability MonitorÒ.  Brodeur’s first benchmarking research […]

  • FREE WEBINAR MARCH 19, 2020: ‘Why Every Human Should Leave the Planet’

    A conversation with  former NASA Astronaut Michael López-Alegría and ‘Overview Effect’ author Frank White BREAKING NEWS: You’re invited to participate in a unique, free webinar experience: hearing a NASA astronaut describe firsthand the profound changes –in identity, awareness, and worldview – that occur when contemplating the Earth from space. Michael López-Alegría believes that everyone should have a chance to experience this “Overview Effect” because the resulting shift in perspective just might make the world a better place. Michael will join author […]

  • Brodeur Partners Acquires TechTHiNQ

    Strategic Communications Company Expands its Southwest Footprint  Brodeur Partners, a global strategic communications company, today announced that it has acquired TechTHiNQ, a marketing and public relations agency headquartered in Phoenix.  The combined entity will offer clients the resources of a leading integrated agency with specialized talent and capabilities in technology, aerospace and health care. The transaction is part of Brodeur’s long-term growth strategy focused on maintaining and diversifying the company’s global client base and capabilities. Brodeur is based in Boston, […]

  • Scott Beaudoin Joins Brodeur Partners to Lead Global Social Purpose & Sustainability Practice

    Nationally recognized purpose-led brand-builder Scott Beaudoin today joined Brodeur Partners to help clients profit by defining, practicing and documenting their organizations’ most deeply held values. Amid overwhelming evidence that commitment to sustainability and social purpose improves business performance, Beaudoin will help clients execute corporate and nonprofit sustainability and purpose-led brand-building strategies. “B2B companies are under enormous pressure from customers, investors, the media and watchdogs to follow consumer companies’ in ‘living their values,” said Beaudoin. “Today, all companies must demonstrate – […]

  • Brodeur Partners research shows morale, productivity and loyalty are much higher in diverse workplaces

    As America grows more diverse and consumers scrutinize the values of companies they engage with, very diverse workplaces enjoy distinct and quantifiable business advantages over less diverse ones, according to research from Brodeur Partners’ Diversity & Inclusion practice. Morale is more than twice as likely to be rated “excellent” in very diverse workplaces, according to the online survey of 1,592 Americans. Fifty-six percent (56%) of respondents from very diverse workplaces described their teams’ morale as excellent versus only 23% of […]