We’re Following the Money more than Woodward and Bernstein

Mike McGrail, August 2015

Six years after the recession ended, Americans are still obsessed with financial security to the point that it’s affecting our work performance.

Highly paid executives and hourly wage earners alike are worrying about money like never before, according to a Boston Globe report on the results of a recent State Street Global Advisors study. The study found that 61 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed constantly fret about money, often to the point of taking time off from work to deal with financially sparked stress.

State Street’s findings dovetail with the results of the Brodeur survey we wrote about last week that found people think about their finances more than anything except their families and spouses, with romance and sex trailing in sixth place. The Globe article quotes Andy Coville’s observation that “There are just very few people who aren’t thinking about money. That’s a lens you have to understand when you’re talking to people.”

Check out the article here: Financial Stress is Hurting Worker Productivity

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