Steve McGrath

Senior Vice President
“Mystification is simple; clarity is the hardest thing of all.” ― Julian Barnes

Writing is Steve’s life work. He was a journalist for a decade, dedicated to empowering readers by informing them (versus telling them what to think). In addition to covering politics, crime and human interest, he fought for citizens’ right to know. In one instance, he successfully sued to expose a secret six-figure payment to a public official.

Then and now, he loves telling the remarkable stories of regular people, whether a cancer survivor competing in an Ironman triathlon, a workplace wellness participant shedding nearly 300 pounds (and tossing aside her wheelchair), or a surgeon using 3D printing to improve his patients’ outcomes. As a veteran communications professional, Steve believes every client has compelling stories and can help their business by revealing them. Steve’s personal interests are as wide-ranging as his professional ones. He races bicycles, cultivates a community garden, cooks what he grows, loves football and takes lots of photographs. Just as in work, he relishes a challenge, which is why every summer he pedals up Mt. Washington.