Steve Hodgdon

Executive Vice President
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
- Frank Zappa

Steve believes that content is the currency that drives branding, communications and social media strategy. Without relevant content a client can never hope to connect with their audience or change consumer behavior. Steve has worked in the communications field for over thirty years, editing and managing content that informs, entertains and challenges norms. He believes that structured, creative and relevant content is one of the most crucial client needs.

Steve’s “show me the science” skepticism and little patience for unsubstantiated hype and puffery in communications provides his clients with relevant and meaningful content strategy. Clients often desire objectivity and unbiased vetting to develop the most believable and impactful messaging — a niche that, Steve believes, he fits right into. Steve’s work with a wide array of Brodeur clients has helped him to develop and construct honest and driven content campaigns that focus on sustaining relevance in the changing communications world.

Music, food, gardening and woodworking are just a few of Steve’s hobbies that help to push him creatively in every direction. His passions challenge him to constantly reinvent ideas, designs and concepts. Steve graduated from the University of New Hampshire.