Retail Relevance: GenY vs. Boomers

What’s a Consumer’s Ideal Shopping Experience?

Beyond sheer value and dependability, it is about self-identification. And for Gen’Y, the ideal retail experience is shareable

What makes the perfect shopping experience? And how might it differ by age? Value and dependability are the bedrock essentials of the ideal shopping experience, according to our survey of over 2,000 shoppers. Although that’s hardly surprising, the next ingredient shoppers look for is a reflection of themselves. Yes, beyond the practical, self-identification is what shoppers seek in a retail experience.

Did you buy the coolest smartphone because you’re cool or because you kind of want to be? Did you pick an SUV because you’re not a minivan guy, or because you wish you weren’t? Did you choose the stilettos because they fit you, or do you yearn to fit the stilettos?

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