Diet: The Missing Element in Our Healthy Lifestyle

Americans in search of a healthy lifestyle is the story of a glass half full.

The good news: we’re a nation of exercisers. The bad news: while we’re doing great things with our bodies, we’re still doing a mediocre job putting the right things into our bodies. And that is the core of our health problem.

In our most recent relevance survey on health and wellness we found that:

  • Americans have clearly “gotten the memo” when it comes to exercise. Over one-half (57%) of Americans said they exercise on a daily (24%) or frequent (33%) basis.
  • But we still don’t do the most important thing – eat well. While nearly one-quarter of Americans said they exercise every day, fewer than 1 in 10 (9%) said they eat healthy foods every day. Whereas 57% of Americans say they exercise either daily or frequently, only 46% can say the same about eating a healthy diet.
  • Even the exercise buffs don’t get it. Nearly two-thirds of those who exercise on a daily or frequent basis say they eat healthy foods only about half of the time.
  • Motivations for exercise and diet have two things in common: feeling good and looking good.
    • People exercise and eat healthy foods, not because of the experience during working out and eating; rather, it is for the healthy feeling and well-being that comes after (not during) the experience.
    • Another common thread is vanity. The second biggest motivator for both exercise and healthy eating is the desire to look good.

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