Retail Relevance Top 10 and Target Lead the Retail Relevance Top 10

Who is America’s most relevant retailer? Of the top retailers and retail experiences in America – from supermarkets to department stores to big box stores and e-commerce – which has the most relevance in people’s lives? Which retailer matters most?

We’re delving into relevance because we believe it’s the most important quality a brand, store or experience can offer. In addition to rational economic value, relevance is a reflection of sensory appeal, a shopper’s values and phenomena that speak to our social impulses. Sometimes these non-functional factors matter most.

Picking a single most relevant retailer is difficult, perhaps even impossible. So many factors go into people’s decisions about where to shop. Your choice ultimately depends on who you are, what you are hoping to experience, and, of course, what you are trying to purchase. Shopping is a multifaceted experience that is difficult to generalize.

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