Have you made your mark?

The heavens, once controlled by governments, are now open to entrepreneurs.

Private companies are launching flocks of small satellites into Low Earth Orbit, creating an 1,100-mile computing layer around the planet. It’s transforming the lives of students, farmers, planners, doctors, patients, businesses, humanitarians, and government officials.

Other visionaries aspire to mine asteroids, service the International Space Station, and clean up deadly space junk. Internet-age tycoons offer zero-gravity thrill rides, settlements on Mars and … well, a lot more.

Nobody is waiting for NASA. And no one is ruling anything out.

Small companies with big ideas will spring from obscurity. Some, however, will sink into oblivion. Even the best companies will falter unless their story inspires.

That’s why we’re here.

Brodeur Space Group. Helping good companies win. To learn more, contact us at

Space Expertise

Scott Brodeur, Senior Consultant 

Scott is a uniquely experienced 24-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force/Space Force. Officially retiring as a colonel in October, he co-leads Brodeur Space Group’s business development in North America.

Scott is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their business goals in space as they benefit humanity on Earth and beyond. To achieve those goals, Scott believes, organizations’ must make themselves relevant to their most important audiences.

In his military role, Scott was the only officer to command the Joint Space Operations Center, Combined Space Operations Center, and National Space Defense Center. He coordinated mission partners across the Department of Defense and intelligence community to help to deter aggression against the U.S. and allies, and to protect and defend their space capabilities. He has extensive space electronic warfare experience and has been deployed to Sicily, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Scott joined the Air Force as a commissioned officer in 1997. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the College of Charleston, S.C., and holds several master’s degrees in management and military fields.

Scott is a non-resident senior fellow at The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies and has published articles on a number of space related topics, including dangerous space debris. He is currently writing a book on space command and control.

Frank White, Senior Consultant 

“The entrepreneurial space industry is poised to transform the current space development paradigm from high cost/low access to low cost/high access, opening up an ‘infinite economy.'”

Brodeur Space Group Senior Consultant, Frank White, is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and a Rhodes Scholar. He earned his M.Phil. in Politics from Oxford University.

Frank is the author or coauthor of 10 books on topics ranging from space exploration to climate change. His book, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, is now in its third edition, and is considered by many to be a seminal work in the field of space exploration and development. A film called “Overview,” based largely on his work, has had more than 7 million plays on Vimeo.

Frank also is a communications professional with experience in multiple forms of media and in disciplines ranging from public relations for high technology companies to development communications for nonprofit organizations. He teaches courses on fundraising and communications at Harvard Extension School and Harvard Summer School.

Entrepreneurial Space: The Communications Challenges

Space, once the government’s exclusive domain, today poses one of the most exciting economic, scientific and humanistic opportunities for the private sector in decades.

For communicators in this dynamic industry, there are real challenges. In this e-book, readers will learn about what investors want to see from these space opportunities and what these fledgling companies will need to do in order to remain relevant. View our e-book here.


Get Down to Earth

Brodeur Partners Space Entrepreneur Survey data has been published in USA Today. The data was derived from a survey of 615 American adults. You can find more about the survey data here.

Brodeur Partners announced the Brodeur Space Group, a practice dedicated to helping clients seize opportunities beyond our planet.

The NewSpace economy is here as emerging companies develop satellites, organize space tours in space, plan to mine asteroids, and imagine cities on Mars. These developments are gathering momentum as the federal government actively supports the private space push, and household-name consumer companies reimagine the possibilities of life and commerce in space. Check out our news release here. And check out one of our space blog posts here!

Why we’ve launched the Brodeur Space Group

Humanity is about to engage in one of the greatest adventures, if not the greatest adventure, of all time.

Some 60 years after the first human being traveled into Earth orbit, a robust NewSpace industry is embarking on an unprecedented migration into the solar system. We are creating, for the first time ever, a spacefaring civilization. And we at Brodeur are deeply committed to doing whatever we can to help this new generation of pioneers succeed. Learn more about why we chose to launch the Brodeur Space Group.

If you missed our space webinar, check it out here

U.S. Space Policy 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines joined a discussion about U.S. policy in space. The program was part of the 2021 Ignatius Forum at Washington National Cathedral. If you are interested in learning more, or speaking to Space Group Co-Leader, Frank White, please contact us at