Nonprofits and Foundations

Donor dollars are limited, but the needs of the people you serve are not. That’s why you require a communications strategy that makes your organization deeply relevant to donors, grantors, volunteers and those you help. Let’s work together to help you do even more good in the world.

Brodeur Partners will help you identify and articulate the messages, appeals and narratives that reach donors on the intellectual and emotional levels that will move them to embrace your cause. Not just today, but in enduring relationships over months and years with existing and new donors. Brodeur will help you mobilize those messages through news and social media campaigns, events, and partnerships that embed them deeply into your donor communities. Our approach includes:

  • Audience research
  • Creation of audience personas
  • Analysis of your personas’ navigation/decision paths
  • Integration of personas, objectives, tactics and potential channels
  • Audit of existing content and performance
  • New content creation
  • Data-driven channel prioritization
  • Core messaging for major functions and most important events

You do important work for a cause that matters. Let Brodeur Partners help you reach the donors who enable you to help others. Engage their intellects, engage their emotions, and build your community.

We worked with the National Science Foundation-funded project to communicate the science of climate change in a fun new way.

Brodeur Partners worked with the museum on a full repositioning and rebranding, moving it from a “place for pictures” to “an experience for people.”