We’ve deepened the relevance of hospital systems, medical schools, nonprofits and wellness organizations, as well as pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies. We’ve conducted extensive relevance research into doctors, payers, customers and patients. Let’s brighten your business prognosis together.

Brodeur Partners can help you forge deep, enduring relationships with your key audiences by understanding their priorities and addressing them with targeted messages and content delivered through the optimal channels. Through our proprietary methodologies, we can:

  • Identify your key audiences’ perceptions and needs
  • Understand their thinking
  • Identify/articulate messages that will resonate with them intellectually and emotionally
  • Develop communications plans that span strategic goals and tactical execution
  • Create content
  • Pitch media
  • Join, animate and start relevant social media conversations
  • Monitor social media and report healthcare trends

As a healthcare organization, you’re balancing the priorities of an incredibly diverse community, from patients, to physicians, to payers, to legislators and regulators. Let Brodeur Partners help you strike the right balance with communication strategies based on research, insight, analysis, and seasoned execution.

When the American Cancer Society was looking to regain relevance with women over 35, they turned to Brodeur Partners.