Financial Services

Financial services customers make decisions on an often mysterious blend of analytical and emotional criteria. Priorities shift with age, income, education, gender and family status. Whether you run a major financial institution, asset management company, insurer, retail financial company or consumer financial product company, invest in a conversation with us.

We have done considerable research in the financial services space, some of which has been published. Our research suggests that values, morals, and ethics are playing an increasing role in people’s decisions on how best to steward their finances and with whom. One of our studies – Money and Investing  –suggests there are at least four categories or typologies of investors, each with their own set of relevance triggers. It examines the importance of money in peoples’ lives, how they think about money, and what factors influence their selection of financial institutions.

Also read our blog on “What Makes a Financial Services Firm Relevant” to learn how consumers are now desperate to see evidence of solid values from their institutions, financial and otherwise. That’s likely why values are increasingly relevant for financial services today.