As consumers, we’re constantly bombarded by admen telling us what to do, like and buy. We ignore 95 percent of it. That’s why Brodeur’s relevance practice is founded on our deep research into how consumers, think, feel and act. The goal is to put you in the relevant 5 percent.

Brodeur’s consumer practice boasts a strong portfolio of major consumer brands in the Media & Lifestyle, Consumer Technology, and Mobility sectors. We have received industry recognition for delivering award-winning PR and media campaigns for clients such as the National Football League, Hankook Tire, Toshiba America Consumer Products, Starz Entertainment Group, Orbitz, The History Channel and Memorex.

Research combined with our creative and results-driven culture has been instrumental in helping clients build lasting relationships with consumers. Check out our latest consumer research on how “Tribes” are reshaping the decision- and reputation-making landscape for consumer brands.

Brodeur Partners helped Hankook Tire to build a different type of relationship with its customers.