• Survey: Americans Support Entrepreneurs in Space But Want Improvements on Earth

    Respondents support private sector leadership in space but worry about privacy and want to see benefits, according to poll by Brodeur Space Group. Americans want private companies to seize opportunities in space –but they want that to translate into better life on Earth. That’s the upshot of the Brodeur Space Entrepreneur 2017 Survey. The new poll of more than 600 Americans’ attitudes toward business in space was conducted earlier this month by the Brodeur Partners’ Space Group. The new survey […]

  • Brodeur Partners Launches Entrepreneurial Space Group

    Brodeur Partners today announced the Brodeur Space Group, a new practice dedicated to helping clients seize opportunities beyond our planet.

  • PR News Insider: How Communicators Can Make Un-Sexy Issues Relevant

    There are many issues we face as a country that our elected officials find hard to tackle. Often they choose to ignore them. Eventually the issues become either so mundane they don’t seem to merit consideration or so large to the point of being overwhelming. Getting citizens motivated to take action on such issues, which sometimes is the job of communicators, can seem daunting. Infrastructure is a good example. Many people seem to agree that our infrastructure is in need of […]

  • Brodeur Partners releases new study: “Making Infrastructure Relevant Again”

    Brodeur Partners,  announced the results of a new study, ”Making Infrastructure Relevant Again” which looks at voters’ sense of urgency toward the nation’s aging infrastructure. Among other things, the study revealed that voters give high marks to the current state of the nation’s infrastructure, yet they acknowledge improvements to health, safety and security weigh more heavily than job creation. “Pundits may agree that improving our nation’s infrastructure would be a perfect way for Washington to display rare bipartisanship and create […]

  • Moving from traditional consumer thinking to “tribes” of shared experiences

    Understanding “tribe” behavior is key to the creation and execution of marketing and branding programs. Download a free copy of our ebook “Connecting With Your Customers By Understanding The Tribes They Belong To.”