Case Studies

When something is truly relevant, we move from passive to active. From indifferent to passionate. When we experience something relevant we don’t just sit there. We take notice. We engage. We act. See how we created Relevance for others.

  • What Do Americans Want From Space Companies?

    When you are creating the truly new, you need to find a way to be relevant. Space, once the government’s exclusive domain, poses the most exciting economic, scientific, and humanistic opportunities for the private sector today.

  • Relevance and the Infrastructure Mess

    We keep saying we’re going to do something about our nation’s aging infrastructure. But we don’t.

  • Hankook Tire: Building a New Customer Relationship

    Everyone (or at least every car) needs tires. But how do you get people to LOVE their tires? Brodeur Partners helped Hankook Tire America Corp. to build a different type of relationship with its consumer – one that embraces things that are relevant to daily life – driving and having fun!

  • Launching a Sustainable Future for Cannabis Packaging 

    Current cannabis packaging solutions are saturated in plastic that ends up rotting away in landfills, promoting disastrous environmental consequences as cannabis continues to gain legal status across the country. Then, there is Calyx.

  • Creating a movement for fund non-profit research

    In recognition of the need for new treatments for ALS, known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Brodeur launched a $10 million funding campaign with a Massachusetts-based Medical School.