New Research on Health, Wellness and Fitness Trackers

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Your communications need to be smart. So in addition to having curious people, we at Brodeur conduct research that helps our clients be smarter and more relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace. The latest example is our Health and Wellness research, which provides insight in three key areas:

Employee wellness programs. Why do some employees embrace them while others don’t?

Diet and exercise. Who adheres to these healthful practices and why?

Wearable fitness devices. Why do people use them? Do they really work? And why doesn’t everyone have one? (Our most recently released research – infographic below).

Follow the links above to learn what Americans told us. Each news release includes a link to a white paper for a deeper dive. If y0u’re in the health care industry – a sweet spot for us – chat with us about how this applies to you.


Wearables infographic - 9 25 15