Moving from traditional consumer thinking to “tribes” of shared experiences

If you’re like most of us in marketing and communications, it’s a brain stretch to figure out what’s going on with American consumers.
Consumer communities are forming, and gathering daily, and they are just as quickly dropping off the digital map in days or even hours, depending on the issue, cause or emotional connection. Understanding this “tribe” behavior is key to the creation and execution of marketing and branding programs.


More than anything else, shared experiences – not so much common interests, geographies or professions – spur the formation of modern-day tribes. And optimistic millennials are quickest to join them.

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You’ll learn how to:

  • Bond people to your brandby tapping the power of tribal relevance
  • Find the tribesthat are primed to follow for your brand or cause
  • Create compelling new “tribal” experiencesfor your target audience
  • Leverage tribes’ ability to reach your target audienceon a personal and emotional level