In Memoriam – Scott Beaudoin

From Andy Coville, CEO Brodeur Partners

Scott led Brodeur Partner’s Purpose and Sustainability Practice over the past five years and also was a member of the company’s leadership team. Scott’s contributions to our company and culture are hard to measure. He had an incredible creative and strategic capability and loved his clients and teammates like family. He was one of the most joyful, fun and inclusive human beings we have ever had the great fortune to work with.

Few knew that he had been recently diagnosed with glioblastoma. His passing is terrible news and a terrible way to start the year, but I am trying to think of what Scott would say. He would say, why is this terrible? He would say go out there and make this the best year ever and make this world a better place. He brought so many new ideas, skills, and energy to everyone he met. How lucky are we that we got to know him? Let’s all who knew him and worked with him, take his great work in Purpose and Sustainability forward and build on his legacy and time with each of us.

I will always think of something he would say when tackling something new and we were all wondering how to start. He’d say “easy peasy Cover Girl” and come back with a masterpiece.

He was the masterpiece, just a truly wonderful, kind, and curious human being. I am so sorry for all our loss, and I know we grieve together. This is the link to his obituary

Thank you, Scott.