Gravyty and Brodeur Partners Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Major Gift Fundraising in Higher Education

Gravytyand Brodeur Partnerstoday announced a strategic partnership which allows Gravyty’s AI-enabled First-Draft technology to be powered by Brodeur Partners’ proprietary alumni research services. This new solution will enable fundraisers to build stronger and deeper relationships with supporters and give donors a personalized, more meaningful experience. 

Together, Gravyty and Brodeur have extensive development experience with leading independent colleges, Ivy League universities and public institutions.

“As the first artificial intelligence company in fundraising, Gravyty understands how alumni engagement information can empower frontline fundraisers to build deeper relationships with donors and inspire philanthropy,” said John Brodeur, Chairman, Brodeur Partners. “Our company and Gravyty together redefine what’s possible by connecting donors to the specific causes that they care about most.”

Together, Gravyty, the first and leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software, and Brodeur Partners, a leading strategic communications firm, deploys a full fundraising solution – from alumni research to message segmentation and program execution. Gravyty and Brodeur will blend art and science, allowing advancement offices to increase fundraising performance, expand the workforce, drive action for frontline fundraisers, and build relationships at scale.

“Brodeur Partners is doing an amazing job across its clients to bring the voice of alumni and donors to leadership through research. Their clients have the distinction of unequivocally identifying the opinions and affinities of their alumni, and crafting precise messaging that is relevant to each individual donor,” said Adam Martel, Co-founder and CEO, Gravyty. “By combining this research with our artificial intelligence for frontline fundraisers, Gravyty and Brodeur look to change what’s possible in advancement and enable frontline fundraisers to more efficiently build deep and meaningful relationships with their donors.”

This partnership comes at a time that higher education needs it more than ever. Across the fundraising industry, there’s a talent shortageof qualified fundraisers to sustainably inspire philanthropic gifts. Coupled with the increasing competition for giving, frontline fundraisers need innovative approaches in reaching supporters..

The full fundraising solution from Gravyty and Brodeur will deliver research about specific messaging, channels, and activities for engaging and motivating alumni populations directly to frontline fundraisers’ inboxes via First Draft, Gravyty’s flagship AI tool. By eliminating the need to orchestrate the minutia of what goes into relationship-building outreach directly to the inboxes of fundraisers, this solution will allow institutions to build relationships at two-to-three times the scale they typically experience.

Dr. Leonard A. Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School and former President of Babson College says higher education institutions must rely on “deep data dives” and technology advancements to increase alumni engagement and gifts.

“In today’s fund raising environment, it makes sense to combine quantitative message formulations with AI-based execution to deliver the right ‘ask” at the right time,” Schlesinger added. “Higher education needs to step up to these technologies to enable greater efficiency for frontline fundraisers and ultimately keep non-tuition revenue flowing.”  

To learn more about how Gravyty and Brodeur Partners are working together to improve the Fundraising industry, have a look at our video and contact us here.

About Brodeur Partners

Brodeur Partners is a strategic communications company that helps organizations become and remain relevant in a complicated world. Headquartered in Boston, the company has four U.S. offices and operates in 33 countries globally. It is differentiated by its focus on relevance, behavioral change, and ability to bring a discipline-agnostic approach to its non-profit, consumer, and business-to-business clients.

About Gravyty 
Gravyty is the nonprofit industry’s leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gravyty automates the most time-consuming processes for frontline fundraisers. Gravyty’s products empower fundraisers to build lasting donor relationships and raise more revenue for their missions in ways never before possible. Led by former fundraiser Adam Martel and AI technologist Rich Palmer, Gravyty was founded at Babson College and is driven by their motto, “You shouldn’t have to learn your software; your software should learn you.”