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Welcome to the Brodeur Blog, home to our company thought leaders and innovators. We hope to share a glimpse into the minds behind our company and the Relevance Brand.

  • Values: The Key to Relevancy in the 2016 Presidential Contest

    We applied our relevance methodology to the most pressing (and arguably most relevant) campaign today – the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the President of the United States. And you will be surprised by what we find.

  • Why is Rio clearer through a rear-view mirror?

    Rio defied the dire predictions and put on a pretty good party for the sporting world. So what happened? Why was the advance coverage so off base?

  • There’s being a ‘know it all’ and then there’s being a ‘millennial’

    Brodeur Partners hosts a team of student interns every summer. This year, we asked two of them to weigh in on growing up in the digital age and how it prepared them for a dose of the working world. This is the second of the two blogs, from Meredith Surette, a student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  Meredith Surette, August 2016 When you’re a millennial in the digital age, people expect you to know digital platforms and social media inside […]

  • There’s Facetime, and then there’s face time

    Since I’m a Millennial, the Facetime and video chat from Sevilla should have satisfied my need to connect. We live in the digital world, right? Our faces are constantly glued to our smartphone screens. But I learned during that four months that even the best of digital communication can’t replicate the feeling and emotion that face-to-face interaction has.

  • Snapchat creates a harmonic relevance of privacy between teens and parents

    Snapchat’s emergence as the messaging app of choice for teens is a rare case of teen and parental priorities converging instead of colliding. It’s also a neat little case study in relevance.