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  • Stuck on messaging? Start by asking, ‘Who cares?’

    Steve McGrath, December 2021 Messaging can be tough, and it’s easy to get stuck. Whether you’re working on a company introduction, product launch, or messaging revamp, I suggest you can blow through writer’s block by writing these eight letters across the whiteboard: WHO CARES? The answer, very often, is no one outside that room. Consumers and business buyers are busy. Unless you’re one of the very hottest brands, they don’t automatically care about your business, your new product or your […]

  • ‘O Say Can You See’ Yourself in America?

    Angela Hayes, January 2021 DEI and the Biden-Harris Administration The Georgia Senate run-off elections have placed an increasingly scrutinizing eye on diversity in America, and how businesses and communities respond. The state of Georgia is selecting its representatives against the backdrop of demands from the previous administration to erode and invalidate the legitimacy and will of voters of color. One philosophical pillar and cornerstone of this democratic experiment we call America persists: can you see yourself in America? As a new […]

  • Why We Must Go

    Frank White, October 2020   The question is no longer if humanity should expand into other parts of the solar system, but only how we undertake this critical migration. We have to do it right and we need to do it soon. We must be clear in doing so that some of us will be leaving planet Earth, but we are not leaving it behind. We must also be clear that we are doing so to save our beautiful, wonderful […]

  • Directions and Disruptions in Higher Education

    INTRODUCTION In March 2019, news broke of “Operation Varsity Blues,” an investigation led by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Massachusetts which resulted in charges against 53 individuals, mostly parents who had paid to gain an advantage for their sons or daughters applying to selective colleges. The news attracted a great deal of media coverage and public attention and led to a national discussion of the fairness of the admissions process and the criteria used by admissions offices. The following are […]

  • Why authenticity is crucial for diversity and inclusion initiatives

    Angela Hayes, January 2020  Embracing employees and other constituencies of all colors, creeds and gender orientations affects internal culture and the bottom line—and it requires full commitment at all levels. The question is pretty much settled: Diversity and inclusion are good for business. The results are being documented in marketing, sales, recruitment, retention, innovation, productivity, morale and bottom-line performance. Unfortunately, missteps are alarmingly common in new diversity and inclusion initiatives, presenting unique brand risk. The fatal flaw in these initiatives? […]