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  • Reimagining healthcare and returning to the race: Lessons from Ragan Nonprofit Communications Awards winners

    Our work for the Jimmy Fund Walk was just recently featured in Ragan. See more below and click here for the full story.  Nonprofit communicators have some of the most compelling stories to share. Their messages support efforts that transcend a simple bottom line. We’ve highlighted some of the first-place winners from last year’s Ragan PR Daily Nonprofit Communications Awards to take a closer look at their tactics and successes. Be sure to apply to this year’s awards before submissions […]

  • In Memoriam – Scott Beaudoin

    From Andy Coville, CEO Brodeur Partners Scott led Brodeur Partner’s Purpose and Sustainability Practice over the past five years and also was a member of the company’s leadership team. Scott’s contributions to our company and culture are hard to measure. He had an incredible creative and strategic capability and loved his clients and teammates like family. He was one of the most joyful, fun and inclusive human beings we have ever had the great fortune to work with. Few knew […]

  • Book Bans Threaten Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress

    Angela Collins, March 2023  We often take education and the prevalence of diverse thoughts for granted. But recently, book bans have been spreading across the U.S. at a rapid pace, highlighting a frightening trend of censorship in the public education sector. Challenges to books about sexual and racial identity are nothing new, but recently these challenges have become increasingly politicized. It stands to reason that the very idea of book bans is counterintuitive to the PR profession. The very mandate […]

  • Say less

    Too often in business communications we say too much. And we say it too obliquely. Or try too hard to be clever.

  • Ancient Events Captured in Dazzling New Images

    These words can’t do justice to what we saw Monday and Tuesday, including glimpses of creation in its infancy – images of the universe as old as 13 billion years, or less than 1 billion years after the big bang.