Heather Shea

Senior Vice President
Personal Favorite Quote:
“Do the best you can everyday.” ― Herb Wilkins

Heather Shea is known as the “Jack of all trades.” As a communications veteran with over ten years of experience, Heather has developed and implemented national B2B and corporate communications campaigns, created relevant internal communication strategies, and launched executive visibility efforts all while participating in four half-marathons and listening to live country music whenever she can.

Heather believes that good communications stems from a simple, unique message conveyed in the clearest of ways, no matter how complex the topic. She believes that for her clients, a communications plan must have foresight and future implications, tying into both present business goals and long-term objectives. In order for that plan to be successful, it must differentiate you, whether you are a person, company, or service.

Prior to Brodeur, Heather worked in live music entertainment PR and served as a team member for the new Art of the Americas wing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her passion for visual arts, running, music, and sharing a home cooked meal has only led her to become a more dedicated communications manager. If she wasn’t working in public relations, Heather imagines that she’d have a future in cupcake decorating.