Andy Beaupre

"Believe you can and you're halfway there" ― Teddy Roosevelt

Andy cut his teeth at America’s first high tech PR firm, worked for a national nonprofit, helped transform a startup into a Fortune 500 company and was an advertising guy. Then he became an entrepreneur, building a company from scratch and ultimately getting it acquired (by Brodeur and Omnicom, Inc.). At Beaupre & Co. the tagline was “Results build reputations.” That mantra remains his focus at Brodeur; not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.  Pragmatic vision. At the end of every day, it’s about making a measurable difference and getting clients where they need to go.

He’s got plenty of energy and is interested in a wide range of things. Enjoying his family and helping others; running (15+ races a year) and physical training; photography (; setting foot in new countries, cities and National Parks every year;  being on Boards and helping causes (children, education, veterans, hunger); going to concerts; bodysurfing the cold Atlantic in Maine; touring Civil War battlefields; navigating his Porsche through hairpin curves; discovering new music (soul, alternative, rock, blues); being inspired by motivational people. He hopes his clients always feel his passion to see them succeed.