Be Relevant, Stay Relevant

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Relevance is the full experience of an idea, product, brand, candidate or cause, one that not only changes minds, but also changes behavior, and sustains it.

When something is truly relevant, the brand, product or cause becomes part of us and we act.

We move from passive to involved and indifferent to eager. We are compelled to act, whether that’s walking for cancer research, recommending a favorite restaurant, or spending money on a product we’ve fallen in love with.

In communications, relevance is more important than anything else.

So how to become relevant? By fully engaging the sensory experiences, values systems and community impulses of the individual, not just the rational.

That’s why relevance is at the core of our new company’s mission, which is to remain the foremost communications partner consistently compelling sustained behavioral change. We do this by making brands, organizations and causes more relevant and sustaining relevance through turbulent times.

Others focus on changing minds — how people think. We focus on changing behaviors — what people do.

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