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Welcome to the Brodeur Blog, home to our company thought leaders and innovators. We hope to share a glimpse into the minds behind our company and the Relevance Brand.

  • It’s 2017. Have you found your ‘tribe’ yet?

    Our CEO, Andrea Coville, premiered as a “Guest Blogger” for CEO Magazine. Check out her article on Tribes.

  • The Power of the Paw

    As consumers become more disenchanted with advertisements and celebrity endorsements, brands look toward new social media influencers for authenticity and targeted branding. And what’s a better brand-endorser than one with four legs and a bushy tail?

  • Marketers: Have you found your tribe yet?

    Andrea Coville, January 2017 For communications pros, it’s the challenge of our time: getting people’s attention, resonating once we’ve got it, and making the connection meaningful enough to change our audience’s behavior. We call that being relevant. And it’s harder to do than ever. That’s because our audiences – the people we wish would love our brands, products, candidates and causes – are under siege: they’re typically bombarded with 5,000 emails, ads, tweets, etc., every day. A classic practice for connecting […]

  • The ‘post-truth’ lie

    The truth does matter. It’s absolutely necessary to make someone buy into your brand, product, candidate or cause. Without it, you get nowhere, at least not in a sustainable way.

  • His doodling got kind of serious

    Who among us hasn’t had a humble passion? But how many of those passions could have been global businesses? Learn what makes this doodler relevant in the global economy.